Why Tubes

A tube is a carefully engineered flexible cylindrical container sealed at one end and having a screw cap at the other, for filling low viscosity and high viscosity materials. Its utility is tremendous across the globe ,namely, in the sectors such as oral care, food, cosmetics, pharma, paint, pigments and industrial applications .

Some of its key advantages are:

  • High chemical stability & inertness due to 5-7 layered substrate.
  • Imperviousness to air .
  • Collapsible
  • Light-proof
  • Sterilizable
  • Different tube lengths available ranging from 70mm to 200mm.
  • Different Diameters of tube available namely 16mm,19mm,22mm,30mm,35mm.
  • Its mouth or orifice can be sealed by Aluminium film for pharmaceutical industry.
  • Inhouse Printing of up to 6 colors with a varnish overcoat .
  • Option for hot foil and cold foil stamping to improve the aesthetics of the tube.
  • Wide range of caps – Conical/Fez / Flower pot, Stand-up/full cap, Flip-top cap.
  • Facility for Label Applicator used especially for henna paste(Mehendi), and pharmaceuticals.